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Zero tolerance drug policy
There is a zero tolerance policy on drugs. It is forbidden to use, sell and possess drugs at the event site. If someone is found in possession of drugs, the visitor will be denied access to the event and the drugs confiscated. When finding a quantity of drugs above the permitted maximum, the standard being more than 5 pills and / or 5 grams, then the visitor will be handed over to the police. Visitors are informed prior to the event via social media and email and at the entrance about the zero tolerance policy on drugs

Persons found with a quantity of prohibited substances below the legally stated amount (Policy Guideline drugs at events in 2013, final version adopted at RJO of 14 February) may enter the event site after permission from the security and organisation. Persons arrested for drug possession and transported to the police, may not enter the event location.

Entry ticket
Access to the event site may only be provided if one is in possession of a valid ticket. Valid tickets can be obtained on the website or via the social media channels of the organisation. Once purchased, tickets cannot be returned. The organization strongly recommends not to buy tickets through a third party. Upon leaving the event site you will void the right of access to the event site. No stamps are given. Any evidence of irregularities such as, but not limited to, (attempted) use of (fake) entry tickets and wristbands is fraud and reported to the police.

Glass use / Entrance
Upon entering, with a valid ticket you will receive a glass. This is also your ticket and your own glass during the event. Keep the glass with you in order to consume drinks from the various breweries. On departure of the event, you can leave the glass at the box office at the entrance, or take the glass home. No refund is paid for dispensing the glass upon departure.

Minimum age
Persons under 18 are not allowed into the event area. It’s also not allowed even when accompanied by an adult, unless otherwise stated.

At the request of a security staff individuals must be able to identify themselves. If you can not deliver valid credentials, access is denied. Valid identification means a passport, Dutch identity card or a Dutch driving license. Hard copies shall be accepted.

Access / general audit
If the security guards ask you must agree to be searched. If you refuse, you will be denied access to the event site. It is possible, if desired, to carry out the search by someone of the same sex. During the event the security staff may ask you at any time you search, if you do not agree you will be asked to kindly leave the event site. Instructions of security staff must be obeyed at all times. This way we can keep the safety observed during the event for all attendees.

Under the influence
It is not allowed to enter the event area under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs. If this is found, the entry will be rejected / denied, with no right to a refund of the ticket.

Soft drugs, hard drugs, food, (alcoholic) drinks, own glassware (plastic) bottles, cans, flags, sticks, umbrellas, canes (excluding medical crutches and devices), (domestic) animals, banners, objects expressing discriminatory and / or provocative text, pointed, blunt, firearms or impact weapons or other objects that could be used in a violent manner, objects that may affect the safety, health or well-being of the other visitors such as weapons, aerosols, sprays, fireworks, flares and any means of transportation. If in doubt, please contact the organization.

Medication usage
If medication is needed then medicines are allowed for medical reasons. The user must in all cases show a statement signed by a physician by name to the organization. In addition to the certificate, identification must also be shown.

Trade and sales
It is prohibited without the permission of the organisation to offer or sell merchandise on or around the event site.

Promotional activities
It is prohibited without the permission of the organisation to spread flyers, hang posters and / or banners  or perform other types of promotional activities in or around the event site.

It is forbidden to go into the toilet with more than one person. Urinating outside facilities is prohibited. Violators will be removed from the event site and handed over to the police.

Wearing a football jersey, (motor) club vests and / or discriminatory clothing is not allowed. Clothing should be stored off-site.

Event materials
It is forbidden to climb stages, tents, trees, buildings, fences or other objects on the event site. In addition, it is not allowed to take event materials from the event area, with the exception of the special glass provided.

We only work with tokens at the event. Once purchased tokens can not be returned to the organisation.

Video, photo and audio recordings
Anyone who enters the event site gives permission to be filmed, photographed and recorded (audio). The organisation uses the recordings and photographs for promotional purposes.

Bicycle storage
Bicycles must be placed in the designated bicycle racks. If you do not, the risk is the bike will be removed through enforcement. Instructions of Traffic controllers should always be obeyed.

Noise level
The organisation is not responsible for any damage to hearing or similar conditions. The organisation advises to wear earplugs when listening to loud music or searching for calmer / quieter spots on the event site.

The program is subject to change. If changes in the program take place, there is no refund on tickets possible. The organisation will intend to preserve the quality by providing adequate replacement.

Own risk Policy
Entering the event site is at your own risk. Employees, service takers, volunteers working for the organisation can not be held responsible for any injury and / or damage to property or intangible damage caused by the event visitors.

Other relevant situations
In situations where the rules do not comply, the organisation will decide on the measures to be taken. The decision of the organisation will be respected and binding.

As and when compliance with the rules is not met, access to the event site will be rejected without any refund on tickets to the event. Once access has been denied, you will be immediately removed from the events area.



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